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The first edition of the BAADER Innovation Day – the BAADER ID#1 – took place on August 29, 2019, in Lubeck, Germany, and brought together researchers, scientists, professionals from the food industry and the public to discuss, discover and explore challenges and opportunities on the way to a sustainable future of food.


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Prof. David Hughes
Global Food Industry Trends
Implications for Seafood & Meat Trade
Jeffrey Davis
What If
Wim de Laat
Production of Novel Protein Food Products by Fermentation
Dr. Matthias Moser
From the Known to the Unknown
Attractive Meat and Fish Alternatives Building the Bridge to a Plant-Based Future
Prof. Dr. Stefan Töpfl
Process Innovation as a Tool to Meet Future Consumer Trends in Food Industry
Thor Sigfusson
Doing More With Less
How Do We Encourage an Established Natural Resource Industry to Cut Waste and ...
Feras Alsamawi
Amazon's Culture of Innovation

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Feras Alsamawi
Senior Manager Digital Innovation
‍Amazon Web Services
Jeffrey Davis
ISEA Partners
Prof. David Hughes
Emeritus Professor
of Food Marketing
Imperial College London
Prof. Dr. Stefan Töpfl
Advanced Research Manager
German Institute of Food Technologies DIL
Wim de Laat
Dr. Matthias Moser
Managing Director
Thor Sigfusson
Iceland Ocean Cluster

How will we feed a growing and urbanising world population? What are the new trends shaping the food industry, and how can we jointly work together to meet these demands?

With a growing world population of up to 10 billion people in 2050 – according to the UN – our common goal must be to conserve resources, to combine animal and alternative sources of protein, and to set highest possible standards in terms of food safety, quality, traceability and animal welfare.

That‘s why BAADER has declared itself a mission to work on the urgently needed solutions to these tasks ahead: We Innovate Food Value Chains. As a vivid expression of this mission, BAADER introduced a new event and conference format in 2019: the BAADER Innovation Day – BAADER ID.